Solutions for the Taxi Cab Industry Problems

Cabs have become an essential part of the masses’ everyday commute. But, just like any other Industry, the cab industry is full of flaws and problems. Starting from verifying a driver to managing so many calls and texts the list is endlessly long. The bigger question is what are the solutions for the cab Industry. How can we tackle each of these problems and take them one step closer to a more organized and well-set-up industry?

However, to understand the solutions. We need to learn in detail what are the troubles faced by these industries first. So let’s go ahead and have a look at all of the problems faced by the cab industry at large.

Driver Verification in Unorganized sector of Taxi in India

Customers, who are about to board an auto or a taxi. Out of basic safety, they usually just note down the number of the auto and probably ask the auto driver about their contact details. They never ask if the driver has a license and how much work experience the driver has. Such cases can be dangerous.

If the auto driver does not have a license, you might face legal consequences and a low experienced driver might not be the safest option either. The organized sector of the taxi industry in India has taken care of this issue, by only onboarding drivers who have a license and are good at driving. But, there is only so much that these organized cab companies can cover. We need more to be done in this sector.

Condition of Cars in Cab Industry

Cabs that are not covered by the organized sector, go unsupervised. Such cases can be very risky for the passengers and the cab drivers as well. A punctured tyre failed breaks or even a faulty gear can cause a lot of trouble. A lot of times due to the lack of availability of the internet or in a hurry, people forget to have a good look at the auto or taxi they are about to ride to go to a certain place.

Now, in the case of cab aggregators, they run a good check on the vehicle as well as the driver before boarding them. This allows the passengers and day-to-day commuters to be stressed free and they don’t have to worry about a failed break or a punctured tyre on their way to work.

Payment Fraud in Cab Industry

Now, this one is not restricted to the unorganized cab industry alone, it takes into account the organized cab aggregators as well. In a lot of cases, it is seen that the cab drivers, sometimes for the sake of assurance and safety, ask the riders to make the payment prior to the ride, and then either they don’t pick up the calls or they will straight up cancel the ride.

Such incidents not only spoil people’s moods but also waste a lot of everyone’s time and trust in the system. It becomes very important to create a safe environment for the customers and the drivers to ensure that the cab industry works smoothly. car

No Regulation Body in Cab Industry

Every authority or body needs to be governed to ensure no one is misusing their powers or doing something unethical. As far as we know, there is no body governing the cab industry. It is not an unknown fact that sectors that are unguided or not looked after, are generally messy and unorganized.

Not just that, such groups are also very easy to join and then quit. This increases the chances of unlicensed personnel joining the industry, not just that this also does not require any vehicle checking before onboarding a new driver or taxi.

It also becomes convenient for the drivers to quit, making the entire business seem like a flea market. It goes without saying that this invites more trouble than any solution. And it increases the chances of fraud and unsatisfied customers. All of this also makes the cab industry incompetent and unready.

What do you think can be done about this problem? Do we not need a governing body in place? How can one increase transparency in the cab industry?

Too Many Calls and Messages

As we know, when we put a trip in the groups we started to receive too many calls and messages. It would become hard to manage them. But in the organized sector it could be taken care of via the Chat feature. And in these so many messages of so many groups, it’s always hard to find our required trip. This problem also can be taken care of in the organized taxi industry via location-based search trips.

At last, we can say that we need a Platform like an Application or Website. Which can provide us with solutions for all the problems mentioned above. We at Pulpit are providing solutions for the problems mentioned above.

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