It is Important that you Select the Right Breed of Dog for your Family

When a parent brings home a puppy for their child that will be the very first pet, it is often one of the most exciting days in their young lives. Sasha and Malia who are President Obama’s daughters had been bugging their parents for a dog for so long that he promised them that after they moved into the White House, they would start looking for their new pet.

When the president announced that he was caving into his children’s request for a dog, advice began pouring in from all over the world letting the first family know what they thought would be the perfect dog for their new home. After careful consideration, the family finally selected a Portuguese Water Dog that was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife Vicki. The children named the dog Bo and it is regularly seen on TV accompanying both the president and his family when they stroll around the White House’s lawn.

However, just because the President and his family selected a Portuguese Water Dog, does not mean that that breed of dog is right for every family. This type of dog was once a working dog that needs long walks daily and it has a thick coat of fur, that requires constant attention and it sheds quite a bit. But, if you have a staff of servants that are constantly cleaning and have the time to take a dog for long walks every day, the selection of this breed of dog by the President’s family should turn out just fine.

When you decide it is time to get a dog, you want one that you will love and cherish and a dog that can easily adjust to the living space you have available. There are many different types of dogs for you to choose from today, and before you make your selection you really should research its background and find out more about what it will need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Irish sheep dogs for example, and mid-sized dogs that are extremely beautiful. However, they are working dogs that were bred to herd sheep from morning till night. If you do not have a large outside enclosure and cannot spend at the very least two hours a day taking them on extremely long walks, this breed of dog will suffer and not adjust well to your environment.

The internet has changed our lives in so many ways, and one of the most important ones for pet owners is the amount of knowledge that is right at our fingertips. Please do yourself and your future pet a favor, and fully research the breed of dog you are thinking about adopting before you actually do it.

Besides the breed of dog, you also need to be concerned about a dog health problems when you try to select the ideal pet. That information is also available online, so by all means please make sure that you look this over before you bring home your new dog. Most dogs make great pets and are perfect for any growing family, just make sure that you do homework before you make your final decision.

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