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How to Choose an Electronic Cigarette- You Need Know

When choosing an electronic cigarette, check how long it can be used on a single charge.

Check the battery capacity for the amount of time you can smoke.

Basically, the longer the battery can be used, the longer the vape can be used. For use at home, we recommend a battery of about 1,000 mAh, and for use on the go, we recommend a battery of 2,000 to 3,000 mAh. Also, check whether the battery can be recharged from a mobile battery or whether it can be used by replacing the battery, so that it can be quickly recharged even if the battery runs out while you are away from home.

Selecting by the amount of smoke

The amount of smoke an e-cigarette produces depends on the size and output of the drip tip (mouthpiece) and the resistance of the coil. If you want to enjoy a strong smoke, choose an e-cigarette with a large drip tip, high wattage, and low resistance. 70-100W with a low resistance of 1 ohm or less will give you plenty of smoke to do the “ring trick” with. Also, if you want to control the amount of smoke, check for airflow and adjustable functions.

Select by flavor intensity

Even when the same liquid is used in an e-cigarette, the intensity of the flavor will vary depending on the size and output of the body and the shape of the drip tip. Basically, the flavor intensity increases in proportion to the size of the body, but it is also affected by the output power, so choose an e-cigarette that allows you to change the output power as finely as possible. Also, a drip tip with a narrow inner diameter concentrates the mist and releases it, resulting in a stronger flavor than a drip tip with a larger diameter.

Check out our starter kits for beginners.

For e-cigarette beginners, we recommend a starter kit that comes with everything you need. In addition to the e-cigarette itself, the kit includes liquid, an atomizer, a cleaning cloth, and a carrying case, so you can start using it right away. The contents of the kit vary from product to product, so be sure to check what is included before making your choice.

Characteristics of each vape manufacturer of electronic cigarettes (vape)


Eleaf electronic cigarettes are characterized by high quality and functionality. The wide range of designs, from elegant ones with geometric patterns on the surface to chic products made of leather, allows users to choose the one that best suits their fashion and occasion.


Joyetech’s e-cigarettes are characterized by a combination of high quality and design. Most are equipped with a 1,000 mAh battery, but models with a 3,000 mAh high-capacity battery are also available. The models are available in a wide range of sizes, including 1,000 mAh batteries.


aspire e-cigarettes are characterized by a large number of models with unique features. Models such as the “PockeX” series, which specializes in preventing leaks, the ultra-small “Minican+”, and the “Nautilus” series, which offers a good taste and a strong smoking experience, are also available. Many of the products are colorful, and you can choose your favorite design with a sense of fashion.


DR.VAPE’s e-cigarettes are mainly cartridge-type products that are maintenance-free and easy to use. In addition to the stylishly designed DR.VAPE Model 2, the slim DR.VAPE Model 1 is also available. A wide variety of dedicated cartridges are available, and you can choose your favorite flavor from tobacco, menthol, mango flavors, etc.

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