Best Vehicles for Disabled Peoples- Related Information

You will be surprised to know that there are vehicles for people who have reduced mobility owing to some disability. The auto market is making great breakthroughs in innovating new designs to cater for all the people. By making the cars more accessible, the vehicles are now getting easy to drive for people with disabilities. People are no longer restricted to go behind the wheels just because of their disability.

Here is the list of the top cars which are suited to disabled people.

Hyundai Sonata

This low height ride is best for people with challenged mobility. It is one of the best-midsize cars with deferent offers in UK that focus on transportation while still maintaining their reliability. It comes with a great warranty and is very easy to maintain. The seats are very supportive which makes it very easy to find a comfortable sitting position. It also features what they call the ‘smart system’ which is very easy to use. The smart system helps immensely in finding directions and auto navigating the car.

Ford Mustang

Even though it is a sports car, the Mustang still stands out as the most accessible car. It comes with many handy features like hand controls, power seats, power steering, carriers and much more. Furthermore, Ford is generous enough to have a reimbursement program for the disabled as well.

Subaru Forester

The forester will take you anywhere you want. It runs great in desserts, snow-laden roads and the countryside fields as well. It doesn’t matter if a person’s mobility is challenged because the Subaru forester is designed to transport. By default the transmission is automatic and it has a four-wheel drive. The car is extremely reliable and has a lot of options to customize it. It can be easily modified from its factory setup and you can include extended paddle, foot and hand control and much more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Although it is a little bit expensive, it comes with extra horsepower. The Chrysler auto mobility program can modify your jeep with many different parts that are designed to aid people with challenged mobility. You can add, lifts, power seats and even tie-down for wheelchairs as well. Just like Ford, they also have a reimbursement program.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 production shutdown won’t affect Australia | Practical Motoring
This is a perfect vehicle for disabled people because of its hinged doors with a wheel chair lift. It has a very rugged look and if you are into big bad trucks, then this might be something to suit your taste. The vehicle can be modified to add extra long paddles with hands and foot control. The general motors also offer an extended mobility reimbursement program if you choose to modify the car.


These are some of the top vehicles that can aid disabled people in travelling with comparative ease.

They are modifiable and most of them offer a reimbursement program as well. Some of these cars are also available for lease. Check here for cheap car leasing in Manchester UK.

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